Story of police officer Alluri Seethamaraju 2022

Crime thriller movies that show the life of a police officer are common, as there are many such films. But such movies are liked by most people because they will keep the audience entertained until the end without keeping them bored. Alluri is one such crime film with the main character, police inspector Alluri Seethamaraju, filled with action scenes.

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The cast of the movie Alluri

Pradeep Varma directs the action crime drama film Alluri under the production company Lucky Media. The central cast member of this film is Sree Vishnu, who plays the role of Alluri Seetha Rama Raju, a sincere police officer. The other prominent cast members include Kayadu Lohar as Sandhya, Suman, Tanikella Bharani, Raja Ravindra, Prudhvi Raj, etc.

The story of the movie Alluri

The story of this movie revolves around police inspector Alluri Seethamaraju. Alluri Seethamaraju is a truthful and responsible individual who aims to avoid all societal injustices. He acted in his own manner to get rid of such problems, which in turn resulted in getting a lot of transfers.

The movie is about the different challenges faced by the hero Alluri because of being a sincere police officer. Due to his aim of availing justice as a police officer, he also faces a lot of troubles in his relationship.

Alluri highlights

Alluri is a crime action drama film wherein you can find a lot of action scenes. Most of the movie revolves around inspector Alluri finding and resolving different cases. The story highlights the rise of a sincere police officer and how he struggles to do his job perfectly. One of the primary highlights of this movie is the pre-interval scene.

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